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Water is Basic 5k Race

This morning our friend Brittany, Ben, and I ran the Water is Basic 5k. The weather was beautiful and the run was very smooth. This was Brittany’s first 5k… I took pictures of her before and after (below). She seemed to really enjoy it and she kept me on my toes for the whole race. …

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Water is Basic 5k

One of the things I love about running a 5k is the cause you are supporting when running it! I just signed us up to run a 5k on October 9th called the Basic 5k. We are on a team that is trying to reach 100 people – because when they reach 100, the organization, …

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Losing Pounds

This semester Ben and I are trying to turn a new leaf – we are working out! The thought of working out to get/stay fit has always been so daunting, but we have both finally decided to kick it into high gear and produce results. Since getting married Ben has put on 25 pounds and …

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