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iPhone Auto Correct

So who loves the iPhone Auto Correct especially when texting someone? I know I HATE it. Who programmed that thing to come up with the words it does. It has made me try and read everything over before I send it. I know Katie does, except for when she sends ME texts. How do I …

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Jumbo Marshmallow Test

So I had to test out one of the new Jumbo Marshmallows in the microwave. I definitely was impressed. Katie didn’t seem to be because of the clean up I had to do… Note to Men: When wanting to try a science experiment in your kitchen, NEVER tell your wife in advance because she will …

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So this was our first time to the Texas State Fair. We went with our good friends Drew and Brittany on Saturday. It was definitely BIG. We didn’t ride any rides, but we ate enough to feed a small country. Foot Long Corn Dogs, Chicken Fried Bacon, Fried Oreos, Fried Snickers, Friend Green Tomatoes, Ice …

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Can your dog do this?

Those of you that don’t know, I’m a BIG Ultimate Frisbee fan. So needless to say, our dog has grown up loving a frisbee from the moment she was able to drag it across the room. Here’s a little video of her in action…and just so you know, we only had to shoot it once. …

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‘Ok Go’ Music Video – White Knuckles

This video was shot all in one take. Impressive. And the song rocks too!