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  4. 5th Update on Little LJ — October 4, 2011
  5. Update: Our baby LJ — August 26, 2011

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Thinking about our journey

Over the past few weeks I have really been struck by how thankful I am for our daughter. The journey to meeting her was a hard one and the time spent apart from her while she was in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) was very trying as well. But as I continue to look …

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8th Update on Little LJ

Hello Everyone, We wanted to update you on our doctors visits from last week. Ill try to keep it short and sweet. The visit with the neonatologist was exactly what we thought it would be she basically ran through what things would look like for LJ from the moment shes born. She told us …

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7th Update on Little LJ

Hey Everyone, Yesterday we went to see the OB again. This visit was actually a new patient visit yes weve been two times prior but we just now had a chance to have our first appointment where we talked about medical history and the like. This visit was also very helpful for both …

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5th Update on Little LJ

Hey Everyone, The day is getting closer to us meeting our little girl! We will be leaving Texas on Saturday afternoon to start our journey to Florida. We will arrive in Florida on Sunday and begin to get settled in. Ben’s dad has graciously given up his time and energy to drive out to Texas, …

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Update: Our baby LJ

Hello Friends and Family, Just wanted to update you now that we’ve met with a couple of doctors today. First of all, I want to THANK YOU so much for all of the prays, calls, emails, and texts that have been sent our way. We are so grateful to have such an amazing support behind …

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North Point iBand

Our church back in Georgia, North Point Community Church, has some seriously creative people on staff! This video is from their opener this past Sunday. Enjoy and Feliz Navidad!


Happy Birthday

Happy 29th Birthday Ben!!!


Water is Basic 5k Race

This morning our friend Brittany, Ben, and I ran the Water is Basic 5k. The weather was beautiful and the run was very smooth. This was Brittany’s first 5k… I took pictures of her before and after (below). She seemed to really enjoy it and she kept me on my toes for the whole race. …

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You’re dog is big when…

… she sits with her butt on the couch and her front legs on the floor. I love my dog!!


Fall is here!

When I remembered that yesterday was the first day of October – I got really excited!! The excitement came from knowing that it is now officially time to put out Halloween decorations! So I ran back to the guest bedroom closet (where everything that doesn’t have a place, lives) and I pulled out the box …

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