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Back in Dallas!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have yet again been behind on the blog. It was a crazy journey getting back to Dallas. After 1100 miles in 20 hrs, while pulling a trailer, we made it back safely. Words can not express how we felt when we got in our apartment with our daughter. Our apartment is a crazy wreck after moving everything in, but I’m sure we will have it in order by the end of the week. It’s exciting to have LJ in her room that we decorated before we left for Gainesville, even though we didn’t know if she would ever see it. Over the next several weeks I hope to work on a video of our journey over the past 2 months. Thanks to all of you for being a part of it.

Home at last.


Ben, Katie, & LJ


  1. Jamie Ashford says:

    I am so glad you all are back home safe and with your precious LJ! What a blessing and such an example of the power of prayer. I’m sure Christmas will bring many new meanings this year. Enjoy the time with her, they grow way too fast.

  2. Lori Kalapos says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting The 2 of you, and now 3 of you, in Gainesville. You are truly an awesome family. God has certainly blessed you. I am glad you arrived home safely. Have a very Merry Christmas! Say hello to Kenya for me.

  3. Chuck and Liz says:

    So glad you got back safe and sound. Merry Christmas. you were in our thoughts all the time…She i beautiful!!!!!
    Hugs and love Chuck and Liz

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