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LJ – No Tubes & NICU 2

Hey Everyone,

Earlier today they took out LJ’s last tube, her feeding tube. She now is tube FREE! She also got moved from the NICU 3 to the NICU 2 tonight, which is the step down unit. We were hoping to stay at the NICU 3 until going home, but they had to make room for more sick babies. The NICU 2 is more noisy and way more crowded. It is a bit overwhelming for us tonight since we have been in the NICU 3 for so long and felt comfortable there. We know this is just a step closer to going home though. We will just have to push through this last time here. It will make for some hard long days until LJ goes home, but we can manage it. It’s just hard since we are here all day long with LJ.

As we said earlier, LJ is doing great! We are just waiting for them to give us a discharge day any day now. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow. If you could pray for Katie and me to have patience as we finish up our time in the NICU 2 since we are a bit overwhelmed by the change.

Lots of love from Gainesville,

Ben, Katie, & LJ

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  1. Brittany Rhoden says:

    I am so thankful LJ is doing so well and you guys are so close to going home, but we sure are going to miss you here in Florida! Already looking forward to the times when you guys come back for your “check ups”!

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