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LJ – Last Day

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for not postings since Thanksgiving Day. Today is LJ’s last day here! We are suppose to be discharged this afternoon! We are waiting on a doctor (since Thursday) to look at LJ’s MRI that shows a blood clot in her brain. They think it is nothing, but wanted this certain doctor to see it and confirm. LJ was fine to go home last Friday evening, but because of having to wait for this MRI reading we had to wait til today. The MRI is suppose to be read between 10am-noon today. We are DEFINITELY ready to leave. It has been a rough week due to some bad communication on the hospital, but we are blessed to be where we are and going home today.

If all goes well and we get discharged today, tomorrow we will drive down to Fort Myers, FL to see Katie’s Dad and family since he wasn’t able to travel up to see LJ. We will be there just for 24 hours and then come back to Gainesville on Wednesday AM. Then we have to finish packing up our apartment as well as get a trailer hitch installed on our car and a UHaul trailer rented. Then the plan is to start traveling back on Thursday. We will take 2 days to travel back, getting to Dallas Friday evening. Words can not express how anxious we are to get back home. Not only back home, but back home with our miracle baby.

Thanks for all your prayers and support through this journey with us. God has truly shown us grace and love in letting LJ be where she is. She is definitely ready to come home as well.

Will hopefully post once we are able to leave today.


Ben, Katie, & LJ

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