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LJ – Day 9

Hey Everyone,

On my morning visit to see LJ this morning at 6:30am I got there right when they had finished checking her gases. Her gases went down (which is good!). They dropped one of her levels, which is just that much closer to getting off the ventilator. I didn’t see the X-ray this morning to see how the fluid is doing in her lungs, but based on her gases and based on her activity I am thinking they are getting better. If she continues to have a good progressive day today she could possibly get off the ventilator today or tomorrow depending on what Dr. Kays thinks.

As far as how she is acting she is acting great this morning. She had her eyes open the whole time and was sucking on the ventilator tube in her mouth. She looked very content. Her swelling has also gone down a lot from all the meds she has been on.

Thanks as always for your prayers. I will continue to blog regularly to keep you up to date with her progress since she is changing more and more throughout the day.


Ben, Katie, & LJ

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  1. Amanda Jenkins says:

    Still praying for LJ and now for Kobe. Thank you for the continuous updates. We hope to see you three very soon.

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