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LJ – Day 8

Hey Everyone,

Here is an update on LJ and a couple of prayer requests we are asking from you. First off, LJ has been in the same place for a couple of days as far as progression. Nothing to be alarmed by, but she still has a lot of fluid in her lungs that needs to make it’s way out in order to get her gas levels down enough to take her off the ventilator. Originally they thought that would be today, but now it looks like it will be a few more days or so depending on her activity and the fluid. If you could pray that the fluid would start to go away and her gas levels would be better so she can get off the ventilator. Again, she hasn’t made any backwards progress, just her forward progress is going a tad bit slower than they had estimated.

My second prayer request has nothing to do with LJ. It actually has to do with another baby that has CDH in the NICU at Shands. We met the parents in the lobby this past weekend when their baby, Kobe, was in surgery. Kobe was born in Tallahassee where they live and was air flighted to Shands because of having an unknown CDH. The mom’s name is Jessica and the Dad’s name is Kenny. Kobe was on ECHMO right before he had surgery. He has a few different issues than LJ does. We are asking that you would pray for little Kobe, Mom (Jessica) and Dad (Kenny). As I mentioned, they live in Tallahassee and have to travel on the weekends to see Kobe because of other children and some other reasons I won’t mention on here. I know every single one of you have been such amazing prayer warriors for LJ and we would love to ask that you pray just as hard for this family. God is good. God is gracious. God is love.


Ben, Katie, & LJ

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  1. Jim Ekrut says:

    One bracelet keeps reminding me to pray for LJ, and the other tells me to “be bold!”
    Thanks for keeping us updated and for sharing the request for the other baby.

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