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LJ – Day 15

So last night at 8:30pm they removed LJ’s nasal cannula, meaning that she has zero oxygen help now. She also ate from a bottle last night in the middle of the night during all three feeds. This is her first night not getting tube fed. They said she ate great via the bottle with no problems. At this point there isn’t much more she needs, we will just have to wait and see what they say about discharging her and when that will be. My hope is this weekend, which would be great. The earliest we would head back to Texas would be next Thursday though, due to having to get our Tahoe outfitted with a trailer hitch to go back with everything. If all goes well we could be home probably Saturday or Sunday of Dec. 3rd or 4th. We will know more as the week goes on.

Granddad, Grandma Susan, and Aunt Gabi will be here today to spend Thanksgiving with us and the weekend. We hope all of you have safe travels and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks again for all your support and prayers.

P.S. – The stuff on her face is tape for her feeding tube. Kinda looks like dried milk or something…haha!


Ben, Katie, & LJ

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  1. ashley says:

    Such great news!! I know she must feel better not having all those tubes/tape etc. of her face. Such a cutie. Hope ya’ll enjoy your first Thanksgiving with LJ and the family. Take Care.

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