LJ – Day 13

Well it’s Monday, a start of a new week. Feeding for LJ was slow but progressive yesterday. Today she had a GREAT first feed and we have a lactation specialist helping this morning, which we didn’t have over the weekend. Thanks for your prayers for her feeding. Hopefully she will continue today to do well and progress. We will be up at the hospital all day again today.

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Even though her feeding is going slow, it is so crazy to think that less than 2 weeks ago our little LJ was born with CDH. Since then she has had major surgery, been weaned from a ventilator, and now she is breathing on her own totally fine and is starting to eat on her own. Who would have thought we would be where we are with her this early! God is amazing.

PS – LJ and Daddy have the same hairstyle today. Just sayin…


Ben, Katie, & LJ


  1. Sharon Besselman says:

    I am Lauren Underkofler’s mom and have been asking about your progress through the pregnancy and LJ’s birth. I have been praying for LJ’s safety and progress and it is wonderful to see the good hand of God on her and in your lives. I will continue to pray (as is our ladies prayer group) that LJ will soon be home with you and will thrive. May God richly bless you all!

  2. Jennifer Tenney says:

    I just had to write in and say how beautiful and adorable LJ is! I am so glad to see her doing so well. Last time I checked your blog, she was on CPAP and I cringed for her because my Dakota spent 7 days on CPAP and hated it!!!! I was so glad to read it was only 18 hours!!! Good luck with the feeding!!!! Eat, baby, eat!!!! This can be the frustrating and slow part because you are so close to home!!! Use Elaine as much as you can, she is amazing! And I picked every single nurse’s brain in NICU II (Mary, Jen, and Tony were especially genius at feeding Dakota) – each has differents tricks for feeding our babies, and believe me, I needed all of them!!!! We got Dakota home without a feeding tube, but barely, and it was a struggle for her first 6 months to get her to eat. Of course she was a premie too, so I don’t know how much of her struggles came from that versus CDH. Anyways, I am praying for LJ to eat well and for you all to get home soon!!!

  3. Jennifer Zimmerman says:

    Look how alert she is! The power of prayer, and not to mention a lil’ fighter! I will keep her in my prayers. Lovin’ the hair!

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