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LJ – Day 12 (Feeding Challenge)

Hey Everyone,

Well, we are working on feeding these days. It has been a rough start, but we are making progress, even though it is slow progress. LJ is just trying to get use to learning to feed, when to sleep, and when to eat. Katie and I get to the hospital at about 7:45am and stay until about 9:00pm. It’s making for long days, but we are trying to help LJ get this feeding thing down. We are going to try and run out between feedings for lunch and dinner if we can just to get a break, but it is hard to leave our baby for very long.

If you all could pray for LJ to get the feeding and learn to eat on her own that would be awesome. She attempts to feed by Katie or bottle every 3 hours and whatever she doesn’t finish she gets through a feeding tube they have through her nose to her stomach.

That’s the latest as of now. Thanks for all your prayers and support.


Ben, Katie, & LJ


  1. ashley says:

    We will keep praying for her. She’s so adorable. I’m glad that she’s improving and trying to feed. It’s a hard thing for them to have to learn but i’m sure she will get the hang of it soon. Hang in there!! Try to get some rest while you can. =)

  2. debra horton says:

    She looks so adorable in her little pink outfit! Hang in there, mom and dad. I know she is loving seeing you so much every day. Know that I am thinking of you all and praying every day.

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