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LJ – Breathing On Her Own!

Well, they just removed LJ’s ventilator tube. She is now breathing totally on her own! As you can see in the picture she is on what they call CPAP. It is pushing oxygen through her nose in to make sure she does well with breathing on her own. The HOPE is that she only has to be on it for 24 hours. All babies HATE the CPAP. It’s not a fun thing. It’s kind of hard to see her not liking it, but it is a GREAT step to get her 100%. She also has a small tube through her mouth to her stomach for feeding that they will start in about an hour or so. She is currently being comforted by Katie’s hands. We will probably be here for a while until she gets a little more calmed down.

Continue to pray for her as she pushing through this CPAP time.


Ben, Katie, and “Breathing on her own” LJ


  1. Tonya Chensky says:

    PRAISE BE THE JESUS! That is wondeful news! Way to go LJ!!!!

  2. Tammy Ekrut says:

    There she goes making me cry again but they are Oh So HAPPY Tears!
    Yay LJ! Yay God!!!

  3. Michelle says:

    Hallelujah! Exciting news!

  4. Chuck and Liz says:

    hugs and prayers….You are always on our minds…….Luv

  5. Kathy says:

    How wonderful.. Know that the prayers are continuing here. I have all our chaplains praying for you little LJ. You are one special little girl..

  6. molly lapine says:

    So so glad! how amazing. You guys are awesome parents. I’m sure it’s so hard to watch her go through all this stuff! But she knows she’s already loved so much!

  7. Jennifer Jolly says:

    Praise God from whom all Blessings flow…..
    Justin’s message at Buckhead was wonderful
    We always enjoy hearing Justin speak..Love
    the S. Africian accent!
    Know that you have been & will continue to be
    in our prayers

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