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5th Update on Little LJ

Hey Everyone,

The day is getting closer to us meeting our little girl! We will be leaving Texas on Saturday afternoon to start our journey to Florida. We will arrive in Florida on Sunday and begin to get settled in. Ben’s dad has graciously given up his time and energy to drive out to Texas, from Georgia,to make the drive to Florida not so hard on me. He’ll be driving me; Ben will be driving our stuff and the dog for the long 16+ (depending on how many stops we have to make)hour drive. When we get to Florida my mom will have alreadyfilled up the apartment with all the necessities she’s been collecting for us over the last couple of weeks. All our parents have been very good to us through this, whether it be through emotional or physical support. We are very thankful to all of them!

As for an update on LJ. We went to the doctor in Texaslast week and had another ultrasound. The good news is that nothing has changed for the worse. Ben and I are thankful for that. I will be the first to admit that ultrasounds are no longer fun for me, but I continue to seek God’s comfort through them. We will be seeing the doctor who will deliver LJ on next Wednesday (this appointment was originally scheduled for next Tuesday, but was moved when we were put in touch with our new doctor). This doctor’s name is Dr. Gregg. I spoke with him on the phone last week, and from our conversation I felt very comfortable with him. He not onlywanted to know about LJ and her condition, but he also genuinely wanted to know about Ben and me.

I have been asked about specific things people can pray for us about, and right now a few are:

Getting to Florida before LJ decides to come. We have not been given any reason to believe she will come early, but I have definitely had to slow down a lot. She lets me know when I’ve been doing too much. I think I can speak for both of us that we will feel a sense of relief once we are in Florida and know that the hospital is only 5 minutes away.

LJ would continue to grow big and strong. We’ve said it before, but we want her to be big and strong when she gets here so she can put up a good fight. As of now she’s close to 5.5 pounds.

Safe travels. We are doing the drive in 2 days and I know that it will be taxing on Ben’s dad and Ben, who are both driving the whole thing.

Wisdom and understanding when speaking with the doctors. As of now, Ben and I mostly understand all of the medical speak, but we know more will come and we need to be able to ask the right questions to better understand LJ’s situation.

Again, we thank you all for the prayers, calls, emails, and texts just letting us know you’re thinking about us and LJ! They all mean so much to us!

I leave you with a few pictures of Ben and me showing off LJ in my ever growing belly.


Ben, Katie, & LJ


  1. Edna anderson says:

    Gene and I will be praying for you and your family!!! We wish you Godspeed knowing He has you in the palm of His Hand!!!

    – Edna and Gene Anderson

  2. Jamie Ashford says:

    I’m so glad to hear the day is drawing near. I know mom and dad are so happy for you and speak of you often. Please know while you are there to call on them for anything. They are so eager to help you and be a source of strength. I wish we were there too and could do more. However, you will remain in our prayers as we anxiously await LJ’s arrival and see God’s hand at work through her. Isn’t it such an honor to have been chosen by God to travel such a journey and to be a living testimony of his amazing love and grace. I know for us, we consider it nothing more than an honor he chose us for our Elizabeth Grace.

    Our God is awesome! Continue to hold tight to him and know he isn’t letting go of you or your LJ. It’s amazing sometimes how God brings His children together. Often times, we don’t know His greater plan, but trust Him as He has asked us to do. I look forward to the day when we are able to exchange pictures of our girls, stories of their lives, and wonderful things God has and is doing in them. In the meantime, please know you are loved, prayed for, and thought of in the coming weeks.

    Jamie Ashford
    Lawrenceville, GA

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