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Update: Our baby LJ

Hello Friends and Family,

Just wanted to update you now that we’ve met with a couple of doctors today. First of all, I want to THANK YOU so much for all of the prays, calls, emails, and texts that have been sent our way. We are so grateful to have such an amazing support behind us and our little baby, Lucy Jane (LJ). Also, sorry for not responding to most of them, as you will see below it’s a lot of information to pass along.

The Update:
The results of the MRI confirmed that LJ has a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). Currently, in LJ’s case the small intestine and spleen are pushing up through her diaphragm and filling the cavity where her heart is supposed to be and her heart is being pushed over to the right side of her body. All this is making it difficult for her lungs to develop. Her stomach and liver are where they are supposed to be – which is good news. The doctor said things can change with LJ at anytime between now and delivery. All we know is that she has CDH and it is sever, but the severity level within CDH we do not know – and will not know until right before she is born. We have been told that her heart and everything else look great which we are very positive about.

At this point we will live our lives normally. We will both be taking a leave of absence from our school (Dallas Theological Seminary) for this fall semester. Katie will continue to work and Ben will continue to help launch River Point Church.

We have met with a few doctors and talked with many nurses and basically been told we need to deliver LJ at a facility that can handle the birth of a baby with CDH. We have begun to learn that the hospitals in Dallas do not have a ton of experience with this, nor the capability to handle her condition in just one facility. So with that we are searching for the best doctor we can find in the country. We have been given some encouraging information about a doctor in Gainsville, Florida and we are looking into the option to have LJ there. At this time we have not spoken to the doctor, but we have a lot of information about him that is very favorable. In the coming days we will be in contact with his office and hoping to fly to Florida to meet with him and see if this is where we are to give birth to LJ and have her taken care of. If we elect to be in Florida for LJ’s delivery, we would arrive when Katie is around 37 weeks along and then we will probably be there anywhere from 2-6 months.

We are so thankful to have this information before LJ is born, because then we can prepare for it and have her set up with the doctors that can help sustain her life. We just want LJ to continue to grow big and strong inside the womb, so that when she gets here she will be able to put up a good fight.

We have been given a ton of information in the past 48 hours – we have both experienced the whole range of emotions, but one thing has stayed the same – we know our God is greater and He has a plan. We are holding strong to this truth, while also using the resources He set in place for us. We truly believe that God has put everything in place for us and it is amazing to watch how he has provided for us in the last 48 hours.

Like we said above, this is a lot of information to communicate. You are more than welcome to share LJ’s story and pass this along to those who are praying for her. We continue to encourage you to pray for LJ and us because we believe in the power of prayer and know that God is in control.

Each email update that we send we will also be posting on our blog www.bkhorton.com so anyone who is not on our email list can still stay updated on her condition.

Thank you again so much for your love and support!

Ben and Katie Horton

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