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NEXT Event – River Point Church

On Sunday, November 14th, I had the privilege of helping with River Point Churchs first none home living room event in Fort Worth, TX. The event was called NEXT, which is an environment designed for people to come and hear more about the church model as well as how to take the next steps in order to become involved with the church.

We were very privileged to have a local church in Fort Worth allow us to use their fellowship hall for this event. This was huge considering they already had a ceiling mounted projector and screen for us to use.

We went to the church a week and a half prior to the event to look at the facility as well as map out a design for the event. I always take lots of pictures and even a video of the room so I can always look back and visually map out the look and feel.

Being a new church plant we are obviously working on a very small budget at this current time. Due to this, we looked at what would be the best-cost effective elements to add to design an irresistible environment, while still being on a small budget.

We decided since 90% of the event was going to be focused on the projector screen (videos, slides, etc) we wanted to enhance the stage as much as possible. Our plan was to hang black drapes from the ceiling on all the walls as well as boxing in the projector screen to fit 16×9. We did this extremely inexpensively. Here is how we did it

The ceiling on the stage was a drop down tile ceiling, so this allowed us to hang the drapes from the ceiling without having to drill any holes or any other hardware into the ceiling. We measured each walls length and bought PVC pipe, cutting it to the length of the walls. We then used some enclosed hook hardware with bolted ends that we drilled into each end of the PVC to have something to hang them from. We only had to do each end of the smaller pipes, but the 2 longer 10 pipes we did 4 holes for hardware in order to space out the weight load.

I then had my lovely wife sew the black drapes, which ended up being almost 40 yards of black fabric. We bought this at Joannes Fabrics and got the cheapest fabric on sale (AND used a 30% off coupon). The total cost for the fabric was around $80. She sewed a sleeve for the PVC and hardware to fit through, and where we had the hardware coming through the top of the fabric she sewed in a buttonhole so the fabric wouldnt start tearing. She also added about 25% more length to each panel than the wall was in order to give the drapes some gathering room across the wall as apposed to pulling them flat. This gave them depth and texture.

We hung the drapes with the poles and hardware using just some good quality string. We added the final piece above the screen using duck tape to tape it to the top of the screen top.

Next we tackled the tables. Since this was an event in which we wanted to have people meet each other we used the round tables the church fellowship hall already had. We bought black table clothes as well as lanterns with candles from IKEA. The lanterns were only about $8 each. These can be reused for future events. Yet again, I had my lovely wife sew some green squares to go under the lanterns, and then we spread out jolly ranchers on the tables around the lanterns to make people see it less like a formal event and more fun. We added nametags with a sharpie pen on each table so people could make their nametag right there.

We also bought a giant lantern with candles for the food table to match the smaller ones on the round tables. We had some awesome volunteers, Jon and Christy, who took care of all the stuff for the food table. They got bottles of water, coffee, and desserts. It was very simple, yet it looked top notch! This goes to show that it doesnt take a lot to make a food table look very appealing.

With some other purchases of some wires for the production equipment, the total cost for everything for this event was under $300. Not only that, but almost everything can be reused at future events and in different environments.

I cant wait for our next event in December, which will be a Night of Worship on December 13th. If you know someone in Fort Worth or near there please pass along the info as we would love to have them come worship with us!

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