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Lighting Backdrop – Pine Cove Retreat

So this past weekend we had our Student Ministries Retreat at Pine Cove Camp in Tyler, TX. I had the privilege of heading up our Production Team for this event. I ended up designing a lighting backdrop for the dining hall, which is the room in which we had all our clubs in for the weekend. Here is the process in which we made it happen

First I took a picture of the room when we went to scout out the facility.

Then I recreated the room using Adobe Illustrator based off the picture.

I then put together a few designs for the backdrop, and this is the one we decided on.

Our worship leader and good friend, Jarrod Rudesill, and I got all the materials and built the backdrop in the church’s wood shop. The biggest thing we had to do is to figure out how to make the backdrop transportable. So we split it into 4 sections, each section having a detachable base.

The material we used was wood (2×4, 2×2, 4×1) for the framing and bases. We then used Coroplast (natural/translucent & black). This comes in 4 x 8 sheets, which are the exact dimensions we made each panel. We cut the black Coroplast with an X-Acto knife, then stapled the black on top on the natural piece. Next time I think we will get some plastic glue to connect them together, since the staples didnt hold 100%.

We build the frame for the Coroplast out of 2x2s, using wood screws. We built the bases out of 2x4s, making them 16 high, which is the height of the stage. We also used a 2×2 on the back of the bases to bolt the light cans to. We had 2 light cans per panel that backlit each panel. This allowed for 2 different gel colors. (If you have LED lights, those would be better so you can do a ton more color changes)

We then drilled holes for in the top frame and through the base for the bolts to hold the two pieces together. We labeled each panel and base so we knew which base went with which panel. Again, we bolted them so we could transport them separately. We ended up using 4 – 1x4s as braces, which we screwed in once we set them up at camp.

We also used clamps to hold the panel frames together between panels so they were flush with each other. We also put a line of ducktape on the back of the panel joins to keep light from showing the breaks.

I had a GREAT team of Production Volunteers (Stephen Sperry, Matt Norman, Sefrino Rosa, & Aaron Walton) who helped go up Thursday night and set up all the production gear. We couldn’t have done the production with out these individuals.

We had to black out over 20 giant windows in the dining hall to get the room complete black. This took us most of the day Friday.

Below is a video of pictures and video footage of our worship sets and color changes.


  1. debra horton says:

    So great, so great, so great!!!! Proud of all your hard work!

  2. Kel Kel says:

    Ben- that Stage looks AWESOME! And the video shows how it makes the atmosphere so amazing! Very very cool! Congrats on a successful weekend!

  3. Sefrino Rosa says:

    Looks Awesome Ben! I miss it already! haha it was a blast!

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