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Losing Pounds

This semester Ben and I are trying to turn a new leaf – we are working out!

The thought of working out to get/stay fit has always been so daunting, but we have both finally decided to kick it into high gear and produce results. Since getting married Ben has put on 25 pounds and I have put on 20. Considering we’ve been married only 2 and a half years – that’s a lot of weight. It didn’t just hit us over night, but it hit us and we are both trying to do something about it!

The one thing we have learned in the month that we have been working out consistently, is that it helps to have GOALS. So we have set some. Both of our goals are to lose as much as we have gained.

So far, in 1 month of working out, Ben has lost 10.3 pounds and I have lost 5.8 pounds.

To lose the weight we have both been working out, eating better and counting calories. In the past we’ve done diets, but would find ourselves just packing back on the weight we lost the moment we stopped the diet. So far we are really happy with the results.

When I started counting calories I realized that I was eating a lot more calories than I should be in a day. I might not have been eating a lot of food, but the food I was eating was packed with calories! My main culprit is sugary coffee drinks. Did you know that a medium frappuccino at Starbucks contains over 350 calories? Once I realized this I researched the best coffee drink for me – as if there is a best coffee drink – and I learned how to order and cut back on so much coffee. Now when I HAVE to have coffee I get a small, nonfat vanilla latte. I have to have flavor in my coffee so I’ll sacrifice the calories on not getting sugar free syrup.

We log all of our food and workouts on Livestrong.com. It’s an amazing tool to help you get/stay in shape! It is very helpful for Ben and me to see what we are eating and how much we are burning off in our workouts.

As for our workouts, Ben and I have been running and doing crunches and push-ups. We don’t even need to go to the gym! Although, Ben enjoys going to the gym – I enjoy going outside and running with Kenya. Little did she know that she would benefit from all of this! Kenya loves going running… what dog wouldn’t?

Ben, Kenya, and I will all be running a race at the end of October. It’s more exciting to go out and run if you have something to work towards – like a 5k or even a 10k. This race is called the Walk, Wag and Run – so it’s pet friendly and we all get to participate!

I’ll keep y’all posted on our progress! Don’t they say that a habit sticks after 21 days? Well we’re past that… so let’s hope it’s true!


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